The Governors try to share out the work of overseeing the school. As well as the various committees, each Governor has a different school subject or specialism for which they are responsible. This table lets you know who does what.

Here’s a quick key to what each committee deals with.

The Finance, Pay and Performance Committee looks at the budget.

The Quality and Standards Committee deals with the curriculum and how children are performing.

The Pupil Welfare Committee makes sure children are well looked after and the school is a great place to learn whatever their background.

The Premises Committee have responsibility for looking after the school buildings and making them safe and pleasant places to work.

The SEF Review produces reports on how well the school is performing in areas like leadership, teaching and academic results.

Principal Committee
Membership 2017/2018
Finance, Pay and Performance
Ralph Lane (Chair)
Stuart Dearsley
Becky Linford
Neil Pringle
Simon Ray
(Rosie O'Hara - Bursar)
Stuart Dearsley (Chair)
Christine Gilliam
Catherine Howe
Becky Linford (Head)
Dave Meacher (Premises Manager)
Simon Ray
Quality and Standards
Lindsey Welstead (Chair)
Andrew Hughes
Julie Krysik
Becky Linford (Head)
Neil Pringle
Simon Ray
Coralie Willmott
Pupil Welfare
Catherine Howe (Chair)
Julie Krysik
Becky Linford (Head)
Neil Pringle
Lindsey Welstead
Coralie Willmott
(Diane Gwilliam - SENCo)             
Working Groups
SEF Review
Becky Linford (Head)
Malcolm Gordon
Neil Pringle
Corrine Wellby
Coralie Willmott
Interview Pool
Open to all
Other Committees
  • Pupil Discipline Committee
  • Complaints Committee
  • Staff Dismissal Appeal Committee 
To be convened when necessary
under the selection of the Vice Chair
 Speciality Governor Roles 
Link Governor Julie Krysik
Premises (Health & Safety)
Stuart Dearsley
Ralph Lane
SEND / Looked after children
Catherine Howe
Safeguarding / Child Protection
Catherine Howe
Neil Pringle / Coralie Willmott
English Simon Ray / Coralie Willmott
Humanities Catherine Howe
Science Lindsey Welstead
PE / Sports Stuart Dearsley
Music / Art / Dance / Creative Writing Simon Ray / Julie Krysik
Design Technology / Eco  Lindsey Welstead
Computing Simon Ray 
Religious Education Rev. Emma Stonham