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Great News for our children!
We are really excited that our project to upgrade and replace the adventure trail in the main playground has been chosen for this round of Co-op local community funding. The current adventure trail including the wooden train & log swing step is in regular need of repair to keep it safe and it is on grass. We would like to replace it and change the grass surface for an all-weather one. In view of the loss of some of the hard standing for the new classrooms this will mean that the children will gain desperately needed extra space to run around and play on all year round. This work will benefit all the children currently at the school and all of the children who will follow them in years to come.
How it works
Co-op will give 1% of everything their Co-op members spend on Co-op products to the local chosen charities of which we are one. The money is allocated by the members.
How you can help
If you are already a Co-op card holder please could you log in and vote for us. If you are not currently a Co-op card holder could you join?
This is a simple process, the card costs £1 and you can either pick one up next time you shop, or online using this link You’ll get points on your card when you buy Co-op products and those points equate to money so you will soon get your £1 back, plus as a card holder you can also then log in and vote for us. Voting is open now.  
Thanks for supporting us. FUBS