Maths Focus Week

Children across the school celebrated celebrated shape, geometry and an enjoyment for maths during a recent Maths Focus Week.
Year groups investigated various artists who use geometric designs in their art  Others focused on the properties of shape and visual images that are formed as a result of number sequences. 
Maths Competition
There was an in-house competition between the four houses of Chanctonbury, Truleigh, Roundhill and Ditchling with representatives from each year group to battle it out to win the title 'Upper Beeding Maths Champions'.
Maths Photo Competition
A maths photo competition was organised in which children were encouraged to photograph shapes and patterns found in the local environment and were asked a maths question related to it.  There was a prize for the most interesting, plus runner up prizes.  
Games Afternoon
Parents were invited to play some games with the children during one of the afternoons.